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Apple Fined 900,000 Euros In Italy Over Applecare Sales

Apple has been fined a total of 900,000 euros for improperly selling its Apple care products - with the court deciding that it didn't advertise the default, European mandated two year warranty enough. By doing so, the fruity firm made it seem - through admission of information - that without the extra Applecare purchase, users wouldn't have much protection if something went wrong.

Despite eventually losing the case, Apple's defence was that since Applecare provided so much more than the standard two year warranty did, it was acceptable to advertise it so heavily.

Of course this isn't the end of the line for Apple, who will no doubt appeal the ruling, giving it a second shot at having the case dismissed. The Inquirer has a quote from an Apple spokesperson that reads: "We believe our warranty policy in Italy complies with local requirements and respects consumer rights. Apple does not agree with the decision issued by the Italian Competition Authority and has filed an appeal."

As part of the ruling - officially to be announced on 9th May - the Italian court has also ordered Apple to change the wording of its Applecare products to make it clear exactly what purchasers were getting. The iPad maker would also be required to let buyers know that by law they had a default warranty on all Apple electronics for two years.

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