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BBM Music Beta comes with Song Favourites, Advanced Shuffling

The BlackBerry Beta Zone has now been updated with a new beta of RIM's tune-listing service, the BBM Music. Its latest version,, allows sharing of favourite songs between friends and also comes with various enhancements in the whole listening process.

First of all, version allows users to favourite songs and contacts, a feature that simplifies the overall experience but also notifies all of your friends of the changes, using the Recent Updates section. In BBM Music, users can listen not only to their own songs, but also those of their friends.

RIM is socializing the music listening ecosystem by introducing a preview of songs, usable when someone receives a friend invitation from a person related to his/hers contacts. Funny or not, RIM has included an imaginary friend for those that lack any contacts so all of these features could be experienced.

Intelligent Shuffle is another wonder of BlackBerry's, letting the user browse through songs based on hand-picked criteria like favourite tunes, genre, albums or even recently added pieces.

Those wishing to register for the beta and download the program can do so in the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

The full version of the service is not free of charge but a 30-days trial can be previewed on any BlackBerry device, as long as you don't have a previous account. After this trial period, testers will be automatically placed in a monthly-paid subscription service, which charges for each 25 song changes one makes from the original 50 tunes batch.

Via: PocketNow