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China Surpass US In Number Of Android And iOS Activations

It may not be surprising to hear that the world's most populated country now has the most amount of Android and iOS activations, according to analytics firm, Flurry.

What is surpising is that in January last year, China only accounted for 8 per cent of the world's activations. Today it is responsible for 24 per cent, having overtaken the US in February. Currently, the US is responsible for 21 per cent. China has grown 6 per cent in its number of activations in the last three months alone.

"China's growth rate is particularly staggering given that it was already the world's seventh largest country in terms of app sessions by the end of Q1 2011," comments Flurry. "This speaks to the country's sheer population as well as increasing affluence among a meaningful part of its population."

China has an installed base of mobile users that is already twice the size of the UK's. Flurry is predicting that it won't be long before the US will no longer hold the title of the most active smart devices in the world either.