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Facebook Improves Photo Viewer with High-Res Support and Full-Screen

After the launch of the controversial Timeline, Facebook is now improving the way images are being viewed. The most popular social network introduces a new photo-viewing system that's compatible with high-resolution images and comes with a full-screen mode as well.

In a presentation on the official Facebook press room blog, developers state that these improvements will also include the possibility of uploading media content in a full-screen format, to improve overall functionality of the system.

As for the viewing images in high resolutions, the built-in photo viewer will automatically display photos in the highest quality available, allowing those with large monitors to theoretically experience pictures four times larger than before.

Visual enhancements of the photo viewer have also been made, allowing those that don't use advanced browser to stretch pictures into full-screen mode. Anyone browsing the web via Mozilla's Firefox or Google's Chrome will experience this feature by default.

The update rolls out as we speak and results should be seen right away. Also, color correction has also been changed slightly to accommodate high-resolution photos, but this can only be experienced with new timeline profiles.

Yesterday, Facebook also introduced a new system that sorts out friends from acquaintances, as a polite alternative to unfriending. Also speaking of untrusted friends, a Facebook cloaking flaw has been discovered, allowing some to take advantage of a loop and become invisible, or otherwise immune to actions like unfriending or being added to a specific list.

Source: Facebook