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FCS Claims Major Retail Brands Have 700+ Live Fake Websites Apiece

The latest research from First Cyber Security (FCS) claims that phishers are increasingly targeting online shoppers and retail websites.

Online shopping accounts are gradually becoming as tempting a target as online bank accounts, due to the growing popularity of shopping on the web, and the amount of new accounts being opened up. Although obviously a shopping account isn't quite as juicy as getting access to somebody's bank balance.

Still, you should definitely be wary of fake brand websites, as FCS claims that major retailers can have in excess of 700 fake copycat sites live at any one time.

FCS warns to be on your guard for phishing emails purporting to be from prominent retailers, with a link to a fake store which captures your personal and account details. Or alternatively, a link to a "real" store which does sell and ship items, but they're fake designer goods.

FCS notes: "Whereas many consumers are becoming wary of phishing emails for banks, they are not expecting it from their online retailer. The phishers send out millions of emails, it doesn't matter if 99% hit people who don't have an account with that retailer, and it doesn't matter if 99% of those who do don't respond, the 1% of the 1% still make it all worthwhile."