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Flash Memory Prices Almost At 40p/GB

The price of USB flash drives is continuing to fall with no end in sight with 32GB being the sweet spot. Both and 7dayshop are selling their own branded USB drives for £12.99 including delivery.

Play's model has a stated read/write speed of 23MBps and 8MBps respectively while 7dayshop's tops 20MBps and 12MBps. Both are USB 2.0 compatible and come with a two year and a five year warranty respectively.

At just over 40p per Gigabyte, it means that we're not far from days when 1TB worth of solid state storage (that's 32 32GB USB 2.0 drives) will be worth £400 which is roughly half the price of normal solid state drives but still far from the £47 a 1TB magnetic hard disk drive would cost.

What's more the price of 64GB is also falling down fast with a 64GB model costing just under £30. However because of the inherent speed limitations of USB 2.0, don't expect any significant performance gains.

The big step forward will happen when USB 3.0 becomes mainstream. Flash drives based on this technology at still at least twice as expensive as their USB 2.0 counterparts which makes them just as expensive as SSD (although the usage scenarios would be different).

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