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GameStop Statement Suggests No Help For GAME

Initially hinted at being interested in an acquisition of GAME's UK stores, a statement from US firm GameStop seems to suggest that there will be no help forthcoming for the now in-administration UK retailer.

In a talk with investors, GameStop International's executive vice president Mike Mauler said that: "Having closed all of our UK stores, we are focused entirely on competing digitally in the UK." Highlighting that it had ceased to operate a high street retail business in Britain, added with its interest in expanding the Impulse digital download platform makes it seem unlikely that a GAME acquisition is in the works.

The one caveat that MCVUK points out is that Mauler did say GameStop would continue "to evaluate the market and opportunities".

If GameStop is ruled out of the GAME purchasing process, then that leaves only three other firms rumoured to be interested. It includes the shopping giant WalMart, which could scoop up the chain for a very small percentage of its annual revenue, Hilco - thought to be interested in the overseas arm of GAME - and Comet owners OpCapita.

The latter firm seems the most likely at this point, purportedly already in talks with banks about taking on the debt of the specialist video game retailer. It could also integrate more game sales in its electronics stores, giving GAME a new avenue for survival.

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