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Google Has Happier Employees Than Facebook

Working within the infamous Silicon Valley may be a dream come true for many tech-enthusiasts, but the question is - which tech company has the best rep? Well, a recent survey undertaken by job community site Glassdoor has revealed the answer: Google.

The battle between the two firms for best job satisfaction was finally won by Google, after three years of Facebook wearing the employee happiness crown.

An investigation into how Google and Facebook rates amongst its employees was carried out, assessing factors such as job satisfaction, salaries, bonuses, as well as general employee concerns.

Glassdoor published some extremely interesting information, stating that so far in 2012, Facebook trails behind Google in ratings for employee satisfaction. "In fact, this is the first time Google has overtaken Facebook in the past four years," says Glassdoor. This year, Google was rated 3.9, beating Facebook's 3.7 rating. Between 2009 and 2011, the social networking site received a higher company rating from its workforce, compared to the rating given to Google by its employees.

Facebook bagged first place back in 2010, but was then rated at third place in 2011 and has since finished second behind Google. Google however, has come over leaps and bounds, moving up from its lowly 30th position in 2010, to being ranked 5th in 2011 and now at the top of the employee charts.

Source: Human Resources Journal

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