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Late News: BBM Music Beta, Facebook Improves Photo Viewer, Nokia to Cut 1000 Jobs, MySpace Popular in UK

The BlackBerry Beta Zone has now been updated with a new beta of RIM's tune-listing service, the BBM Music. Its latest version,, allows sharing of favourite songs between friends and also comes with various enhancements in the whole listening process.

After the launch of the controversial Timeline, Facebook is now improving the way images are being viewed. The most popular social network introduces a new photo-viewing system that's compatible with high-resolution images and comes with a full-screen mode as well. In a presentation on the official Facebook press room blog, developers state that these improvements will also include the possibility of uploading media content in a full-screen format, to improve overall functionality of the system.

Due to harsh economic aspects surrounding Nokia's assets, the company announced yesterday that is going to cut approximately 1000 jobs from a phone plant located in Salo, Finland. Employees are expected to be fired gradually until the end of the year. Situated in the far southern corner of Finland and close to both Helsinki and Turku, Salo is a small city with a population just over 55,000. Nokia is considered to be one of the largest employers in the region, their phone plant being the last large cell-phone manufacturing factory in Western Europe.

The most sensitive Apple fans should stay away from the Square Trade's latest demo videos. The team is performing harsh drop tests to see which of the new iPad and iPad 2 is the most delicate device. The shiny, at least at the beginning, Apple tablets, were dropped face down and face up from different heights.

MySpace was once renowned for being the epitome of social networking - providing a jumpstart to many a budding musician, thanks to its MySpace Music pages. However, time hasn't been too kind to the 'Space, with other sites such as Facebook and Twitter marking their global territory.