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Majority Of CIOs Concerned About Effects Of Cloud Computing

A report conducted by Forrester Consulting has shown that Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are worried that cloud computing is more of an enemy than a friend.

The survey of over 300 enterprise execs found that CIOs were concerned that the cloud wasn't thought of as part of the overall IT department's strategy, but rather seen as a way around the IT team by the big cheeses.

Furthermore, the research indicated that the concept of the cloud providing quick and easy cost reductions is putting a strain on the financial expectations of the IT department.

The study found that 58 per cent of those questioned said that their business currently runs mission-critical elements in the unmanaged public cloud - and even more, four out of five, stated that this was the plan for their operation in the next two years.

That's a worryingly high level of mission-critical aspects being subjected to the potential security risks of running in the public cloud (as opposed to a private, protected cloud on-premise, or hybrid model of the two).

Dominic Wellington, cloud computing lead solutions manager at BMC, told that this is certainly a concern: "Using systems and processes that haven't been invented by in-house IT teams can bring big problems because many companies have a security policy that is predicated on the fact that the data fits safely behind the corporate data centre behind multiple firewalls and other security measures."

"If someone from the business team copies the data across to Amazon's public cloud offering, then suddenly the business's sensitive data is sitting out there in the open. This is because a marketing person, for example, is not going to spend the time or have the expertise to secure that data in comparison with someone from an IT team."

Businesses should be careful not to be seduced by the agility of the public cloud, while sacrificing security which should be a paramount issue.