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MySpace Popular With UK

MySpace was once renowned for being the epitome of social networking - providing a jumpstart to many a budding musician, thanks to its MySpace Music pages. However, time hasn't been too kind to the 'Space, with other sites such as Facebook and Twitter marking their global territory.

However, the site has decided to focus on its strength - and appeal to musicians by modelling itself as the centre of all things music and entertainment related. As the UK's most visited music source (out of a selection of 11 sites), MySpace received 29.25 per cent of the visits, whilst Soundcloud followed close behind with 28.17 per cent.

Third place is Grooveshark, is ranked fourth, and Soundcloud for mobile finishes in fifth place. However, it's worth noting that measuring traffic to (which compared to the UK accounts for just under 4 per cent of visits to music-related sites) does not offer a clear total of the number of users turning to Spotify for music streaming.

But in stark contrast to new kid on the block, Deezer, as well as a service that's been around the block a few times (Napster), MySpace is clearly streets ahead.

Whilst the numbers aren't exact, the figures collated by Experian Hitwise give us a good insight into MySpace's staying power.

Source: TechRadar

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