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News Consumption On Smartphones Skyrockets In Europe

A study carried out by web analyst company Comscore revealed that the number of Europeans reading news on their smartphones has jumped by 74 per cent over the past 12 months.

UK stands out with 50 per cent of smartphone users reading news on their smartphones at least once a month with 15 per cent of them checking news on a daily basis.

Comscore did not say whether what percentage of the audience was reading from an app or from the website itself instead.

The report also notes that the launch of free Wi-Fi on London Tube platform could significantly increase these numbers. ITProPortal already has a news application for the App Store.

News consumption via mobile devices is likely to creep up even more as 3G connectivity improves and smartphones get better screens, allowing for an enhanced user experience.

Monetisation is likely to be the big question mark hanging on mobile news in the short term as publishers & content producers try to devise strategies to increase the average revenue per user either using the freemium model, advertising, a pay model or a combination of all three.

Desire worked at ITProPortal right at the beginning and was instrumental in turning it into the leading publication we all know and love today. He then moved on to be the Editor of TechRadarPro - a position he still holds - and has recently been reunited with ITProPortal since Future Publishing's acquisition of Net Communities.