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Next iPhone And iPad To Have A Haptic Feedback System?

Interacting with smartphones and tablets by touch input is a fairly common experience for years now, and Apple was the main innovator. But when it comes to getting haptic feedback from the smartphone, iPhones are far behind of other challengers on the market.

Samsung, Nokia, RIM and HTC already came out with technology allowing smartphones to vibrate when the user is accessing menus, icons or scrolls through a list.

So far, Apple insisted and the fans agreed that iPhones have the coolest multi-touch user interface on the market. The company explained that there is no enhancement necessary in this area.

However, Apple teams worked on developing a technology competitive enough to be introduced to the highly sophisticated users. Now, according to the new patent filed at the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple has come up with a solution.

"Haptic feedback may be any type of tactile feedback that takes advantage of a user's sense of touch, for example, by applying forces, vibrations, and/or motions to the user," writes the patent application.

The feature can deliver additional convenience for the users who will be able to locate virtual buttons much easier.

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