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Nokia to Fire 1000 Employees From Salo, Finland

Due to harsh economic aspects surrounding Nokia's assets, the company announced yesterday that is going to cut approximately 1000 jobs from a phone plant located in Salo, Finland. Employees are expected to be fired gradually until the end of the year.

Situated in the far southern corner of Finland and close to both Helsinki and Turku, Salo is a small city with a population just over 55,000. Nokia is considered to be one of the largest employers in the region, their phone plant being the last large cell-phone manufacturing factory in Western Europe.

Nokia is moving most of its manufacturing forces in China were the production process is cheaper. Officials say that layoffs will happen in chunks, with most of employers being fired until the end of June 2012.

This move comes after one month since Nokia lay off 2,300 workers from a factory in Komarom, Hungary and 700 more from Reynosa, Mexico, all in the hopes of rejuvenating after €1 billion loss in profits reported in the last quarter.

Nokia can also recover this profit loss with the launch of a new high-end Windows Phone device, the Nokia Lumia 900, which is rumoured to hit AT&T on the 9th of April for an unknown price. The smartphone will also sell inside European border, soon after the initial US launch.

By the looks of it, Nokia is turning much of its attention towards China, were the Finish manufacturer will organize an event on March 29th.

Source: Reuters