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Noon News: Facebook Buys 750 Patents from IBM, FCS: 700 Live Fake Websites Per Major Retail Brand, Amazon Partners Eucalyptus

Since the patent wars began to escalate, major tech firms have increasingly viewed their arsenal of patents as a key part of business and sales strategy, both in terms of offence and defence. One of the major reasons for Google's mammoth costing acquisition of Motorola is, after all, the firm's large war chest of some 17,000 patents - much needed in the battle against Apple, which is hounding Android through the courts globally.

The latest research from First Cyber Security (FCS) claims that phishers are increasingly targeting online shoppers and retail websites. Online shopping accounts are gradually becoming as tempting a target as online bank accounts, due to the growing popularity of shopping on the web, and the amount of new accounts being opened up. Although obviously a shopping account isn't quite as juicy as getting access to somebody's bank balance.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the public cloud behemoth, has acknowledged the demand for private clouds and is set to facilitate them in the future. The private on-premise cloud, behind a firewall which gives an enterprise guaranteed levels of security, is an area which Amazon has previously shied away from, although it isn't providing direct support now.

As you may have seen in our report earlier this week, Google's Chrome browser was judged to have become the most downloaded browser in the world - at least for one day. That was according to StatCounter, who said that Chrome's popularity at the weekend had meant it actually outstripped Internet Explorer in terms of numbers this past Sunday. Quite a remarkable, if only a one-off, feat.

Two photos of a smartphone which is apparently called the GT-i9300, have surfaced on PhoneAnena and could be that of the Samsung Galaxy S3 given that the S2 is called the GT-i9100. The smartphone comes with an onscreen navigational key strip with no buttons at the front, in line with what we'd expect from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich powered devices.