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Shoe Wars iPhone App Gets Banned In Saudi Arabia For "Sounding Too Sexy"

A game called Shoe Wars has been removed from Apple's App store in Saudi Arabia one day after its updated version went live.

According to the developers, the decision was taken because "female character's jumping sound effect was considered too sexual and may cause cultural offence."

A modified version of the app will be released in Saudi Arabia next month after the "objectionable" content has been purged from the game.

We haven't played Shoe Wars and do not know how getting a female to jump can produce a sound effect that could cause offence and could be considered too sexual.

One can only guess that all female sports are banned (or at least heavily sanitised) as getting both Williams sisters on a tennis court can produce a fair amount of grunting.

The game scenario itself is pretty much uneventful and had it not been for the publicity, it would probably have laid amongst the tens of thousands of games already in the App Store.

It is a side scrolling platform game which is free to download where "the aim of the game is for players to spend the most money on their credit cards in the SW department store and prove to be the ultimate shopper."

Source : Shoe Wars

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