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Some Smart Covers Have Troubles With The New iPad

According to recent rumours, after the new iPad hit the shelves and their owners started to play with their shiny new devices, Apple forums began to display a series of problems ranging from pretty minor to extremely serious.

Somewhere along this line, there was a recently reported problem with some Smart Coversnot working with the third generation iPad, according to an iLounge report. Despite Apple's official announcements on this matter, Smart Covers released a year ago with the iPad 2 were not always suited for the new iPad.

In addition, third party cases with the same magnetic feature as Apple's Smart Covers have functionality issues. A few annoyed owners of the new iPad reported the matter on the dedicated forums, but the majority of the users deny having this the problem.

Statistically, the users complain more about Apple's red and grey Smart Covers. Jeremy Horwitz from iLounge suggests that the reason might rely on the Smart Cover update from last year.

Also, the problem could be caused by Apple's slight modifications in the new iPad. "The issue has been traced to an iPad sensor that was reversed in polarity in the new model, causing some of the third-party magnet designs to fail-and possibly some of Apple's, too" says Jeremy Horwitz.

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