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Sony Announces 'Unlimited Music' Available On iOS 'In Weeks'.

Spotify look out, Sony's music streaming service Unlimited Music, is coming to iOS in the 'next few weeks'. Shawn Layden, COO of Sony Entertainment Network promised that the app for the iPhone and iPad would be arriving soon.

The service is currently available on two platforms, Andriod and Sony's PS Vita, but entertainment giant plans to bring the service to as many platforms as possible. "We want to be on as many devices for users who want to be part of Music Unlimited" said Layden. The app will be subscription based, with the option of online caching for premium members, in the same way that the service works for Andriod users.

Layden was also sure to emphasize that there are no plans for Sony to move away from iTunes. "Sony music is still a part of iTunes - there is no change in that", explained Layden. "We accept that people want what they want, and we are in a position to offer this".

Music Unlimited starts at $3.99 per month, offering over 10 million tracks on a subscription based service.