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The New iPad Will Get HD Streaming From Netflix

Netflix has just updated its app, available in iTunes, to offer support for the high resolution display of the new iPad. For now, the good news starts here - as the streaming is still on standard definition for tablets.

Particularly disappointed at this news however will be the Apple fans who had just bought the latest iPad. Netflix delivers HD streaming for devices like Roku and Xbox 360 as well as for Apple TV.

The company made the adjustments to accommodate devices capable to display 1080p content a while ago, but now it’s taking its time before including the new iPad. However, there is some hope for the third generation iPad owners to get HD streaming on their shiny new devices.

Netflix Director of Corporate Communications, Joris Evers, confirmed recently that his company has plans in this direction, but was reluctant to elaborate. "The video is not in HD yet. That is on our roadmap, but I can't share timing at this point," said Joris Evers.

For now, the new iPad owners can enjoy 1080p streaming only from the ABC app. Other similar competitors on this market, like HBO Go, Cinemax Go, PBS, and Hulu Plus, are still delivering the standard definition format.

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