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WWDC 2012 May be Hosted Between June 11 and 15

This year's Apples Worldwide Developers Conference, otherwise known as WWDC 2012, may take place between June 11th and 15th, rumours claim. Apple's yearly event does not have a fixed date but inside sources are in possession of an incriminating document that indicates this time-frame.

Usually held in San Francisco, a five-day slot reservation has been found on the official Moscone West online event calendar, the place where Apple uses and developers gather for big announcements. This reservation is taken for a Corporate Meeting and has been filed in the Convention/Tradeshow category. Everything indicates towards the grand show, as the floor's 1-3 levels have been occupied.

Apple is known to reserve spots for big events with months in advance and by the looks of it, there is no other Corporate Meeting for July on Moscone's website. Considering that Apple's last four WWDC events happened in early June, the rumour is more than plausible.

Apple is expected to launch the sixth-generation iPhone at WWDC 2012, although some claim to be a little too early and the third quarter of this year would be a more suitable interval, considering iPhone 4S's release in past October.

Amongst the rumoured features of the new device, analysts expect a glass to glass touch panel technology, Retina-like pixel density, a tear-drop design, LTE-compatible antenna, FaceTime video calling over 4G and maybe, even a larger 4.6-inch display. It is yet unknown if Apple would also reveal the next iOS: version 6.

Source: CultOfMac