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Play “Web Roulette” With Random XKCD Browser

Even if you haven't used it, you're likely familiar with Chatroulette, the service which hooks folks up with random users via their webcam. The results of which are predictably grim at times.

Well, there's a new invention on the scene which bills itself as the Chatroulette of the web browsing world. The XKCD "holistic browser" page lets you type in a URL - and then promptly sends you off to a completely random one someone else has typed in.

Basically, you get a window onto someone else's world via the web instead of a video feed. Which sounds less scary in some ways, but in actual fact, "web roulette" is a riskier business.

Because when you spin the chambers of XKCD's browsing gun, there's a chance the one you get will be loaded with something nasty such as a malware-bearing page. Or some manner of, shall we say "special interest site", the front page image of which is going to make you want to pop out your eyeballs and scrub them front to back with bleach.

We wouldn't really recommend you try it, but should you wish to, head over here and hope for the best (but expect the worst). The site plainly states: "This allows strangers to direct your browser! They may send you to pages containing porn, viruses, or Justin Bieber fanfiction. At the very least, turn on private browsing."

You have been warned. Tom's Hardware gave it a spin, and did hit pornography first go, but other sites were on offer - including IMDB, blogs and virtual shops (plugging, no doubt, is the order of the day for some XKCD denizens).