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AM News: Google Voice Updated to Support Android ICS, Sony's Fingerprint Checking Smartphone Patent, Nokia Play Beta

Some more good news for Android fans, particularly for those using Google Voice, as the app gets upgraded to the latest version of Google's operating system for mobile devices. The Mountain View company brings voicemail integration to the app. This means that users will be able to listen to their voicemail from the call log, without needing to switch between apps.

Mobile technology is evolving quickly, and it's always interesting to get a glimpse of what's in the pipeline for future smartphones (aside from the obvious faster processors, improved displays, more efficient batteries and the like). The latest patent from Sony involves the use of technology which checks the phone user's fingerprint via the touchscreen display.

Baidu is China's leading search engine, as dominant as Google is in the Western world. And just like the big G, Baidu isn't content to sit back, instead looking for avenues to expand into - with its latest plans being the launch of a cloud storage platform.

Having just updated Nokia Transport, Drive and Maps for Lumia owners, the Finnish company has some more good news on the software front for Windows Phone addicts. WM Power User spotted the fact that Nokia released the beta version of Play To for its Lumia phones. The application is available to download now, and incorporates support for DLNA.

The Xbox 720, or whatever it'll eventually be called - currently it's codenamed "Durango" - has been the subject of a lot of rumours lately. The most persistent being the fact that it'll launch in autumn 2013, but the most worrying is the speculation about Microsoft moving to block the pre-owned market when it comes to its next-gen console.