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British Taxpayers Spend Over £28,000 On iPads For 70 MPs

The frenzy for Apple devices has reached the British Parliament, creating enough fuss to cause a minor dispute. After 70 MPs received iPads with the taxpayers having to pay between £400 and £650 for each device, a committee now has to decide if all 650 MPs should get a free iPad.

The bill for this could surpass £260,000. During the heated discussions, one Parliamentary insider pointed out that: "Most people in the UK can barely afford to pay bills at the moment, let alone purchase high-end gadgets. They will be angry that they are being funded through the allowances of people who, on current salaries, could buy a device without flinching."

MPs are allowed to use iPads and BlackBerrys during the debates since last year, when the rules in the House changed to accommodate the tech lovers.

At the time, 16 MPs tested iPads to see how the work could be improved with the help of Apple devices. Now, the Commons Administration Committee has reached the conclusion that the implementation of technology would reduce the paperwork and increase the work efficiency.

The Committee recommended "the rapid roll-out of suitable mobile tablet hardware" to all 650 MPs.

Source: DailyMail

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