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BT Sets Rabid RABIT On Cable Thieves

Cable thieves have become a major menace of late. The modern equivalent of stripping copper off a church roof is to dig up copper or fibre cables and rip them out of the ground, leaving local residents with a major outage. Not to mention companies such as BT with a major headache and the expense of replacing them.

Therefore, BT has come up with a new security measure to help in the fight against cable thieves. RABIT technology monitors signals on the broadband and phone networks, and can detect when a cable has been cut.

With the swift detection process, BT can act "within minutes", with the exact street and location pinpointed. Both BT's Security Control Centre and Police response teams are alerted by the cable burglar alarm system, and a successful trial has already taken place.

Cable thieves in Essex were forced to flee empty-handed when RABIT alerted the authorities.

Paul Crowther, Deputy Chief Constable and metal theft lead for the Association of Chief Police Officers, said: "In my view this technology will significantly improve Police response times to cable theft incidents and will act as a major deterrent to criminals engaged in this activity. More importantly, communities and businesses should see a sharp reduction in the disruption caused by this type of theft. This is an early example of how Government funding has helped the National Police Metal Theft task Force, assist BT in the battle against cable theft."

Source: Computer World UK