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Could Apple Launch Its Own VoIP Service?

The guys and gals at Apple's Cupertino headquarters have already come out with ways to enter the carriers' turfs with iMessage and FaceTime, with services designed to offer an alternative to SMS as well as video chatting.

Now, the latest scare of the carriers is that Apple might work on the next generation iPhone with voice-over-IP capabilities.

There are however reports like the one published by Business Week that detail this possibility reviewing the pros and cons. The rumour started after Apple announced on the job postings page that it is looking for an iOS Telephony Software Engineer.

Amongst many other requirements, the candidate must prove he or she has "experience in SIP, RTP, and VoIP related protocols and familiarity with telecommunication network architectures: GSM/UMTS, CDMA, VoIP, IMS." However, the explanation might be much simpler than this. Apple might be looking to develop a stronger relationship with carriers.

The Cupertino-based company may plan to work on the next generation iPhone with better integration of carrier specific technologies such as IP multimedia subsystem (IMS), session initiation protocol (SIP), as the job listing suggests.

Analysts point out that Apple is trying to adapt not only future iPhones but also the next generation iPads to the carriers' upcoming network capabilities.

Source: BusinessWeek

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