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Exclusive : Intel Atom For Servers CPU To Launch In June?

Is Intel going to launch an Atom processor aimed at the server market? Well according to one source within the component community, it might well be the case with June being pegged as the month where "[a] more specific report of it should be out".

Atom processors have initially been targetting the netbook market when that form factor was all rage a few years ago. It was then widely adopted for the consumer electronics market (to power the Boxee Box and Google TV for example), while its Medfield iteration is now powering smartphones.

Last week, we received a press release about a new range of memory modules being launched by ADATA, which are DDR3L SO-DIMM models with support for ECC.

The products are available in 4GB and 8GB sizes with speeds of 1333MHz and 1600MHz respectively as well as a lower voltage of 1.35V. It also listed "Intel Bromolow/ ATOM platform support" at the end of the document (Bromolow being the name of Intel's platform that combines the Xeon E3-1200 series - which goes down to 20W and the C200 chipset).

It is not the first time that a company has released ECC DDR3L SO-DIMM modules; SemiAccurate had a picture of a Samsung-based piece since last year, Micron already has similar products (MT18KSF25672HZ, MT18KSF51272HZ & MT18KSF1G72HZ) and Kingston also manufacturers a number of such parts.

Intel's Boyd Davis told us in April last year that an Atom part for servers would be launched in the second half of 2012 but didn't give us any specific time frame and the company announced earlier this year that it is testing a 64-bit sub-10W Atom processor for server applications, one with ECC, HT and VT support. How AMD's acquisition of Sea Micro - a close partner of Intel on the Atom-for-servers project - influenced that time frame, is an interesting question.

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