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Foxconn Hires 20,000 Workers To Accommodate For iPhone 5 Orders

Apple's partner, Foxconn, is under intense preparations for the manufacturing process of the sixth generation iPhone.

According to the tech-inclined media, Foxconn is looking to add 20,000 more people to its workforce specifically for the next iPhone. Reportedly, Foxconn has to hire more personnel in order to meet Apple's high standards.

In addition, the Chinese manufacturer is gearing up for the expectedly high iPhone 5 orders by building new facilities.

Foxconn's Mr Yu reportedly told the China Morning News that the numerous job openings available at the company are for the front line workers and will be spending their working hours at the new facilities.

Analysts are now looking into reasons that might compel Apple's partner to initiate such a massive hiring process. Apart from the scrutiny from the Fair Labour Association that recently investigated the working conditions in Foxconn factories, reports point out that a strike is taking place at the Foxconn plant.

"Hundreds of Foxconn workers from a factory in Shanxi in northern China have gone on strike since Tuesday (March 8) in a pay dispute which is still under negotiation," reported WantChinaTimes two weeks ago.

Source: ChinaNews

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