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Freespace MotionEngine To Make Moves On Smartphone Users

Smartphone users worldwide should be prepared to be moved by their devices. Hillcrest Labs has announced that the new Freespace MotionEngine system has been released to smartphone manufactures the world over.

Freespace is an award winning motion control technology. The version coming to smartphones is an embedded software system that manages and enhances the accelerometers, magnetometers, and gyroscopes of a device. These sensors enable the current motion-based applications, but with the unveiling of Freespace MotionEngine, the possibilities for context aware applications are intriguing.

For example, the phone could 'sense' a car crash, beep and wait for the user to respond. Or if there is no response after a period of time, send a distress message or make an emergency call. The system could alert the user with deals or coupons from a store as they walk by. If paired with the Freespace Gesture Recognition Engine, the user would have a plethora of motion gestures to complete tasks such as changing page in a browser or adjusting the volume.

There is no information as yet as to when we might see this technology on the smartphone market.