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Ice Cream Sandwich For Samsung Galaxy S2 Delayed Until April

The latest Android update was promised last week, but there has been no sign of it. Now S2 users could be waiting until the end of April.

"Don't hold your breath.", advises one S2 owner who rang Samsung. "They told me everyone would be updated by the 24th April. Naturally, my response was that here in the UK a week consists of seven days and that they should not use the term 'week commencing'. I for one will no longer be purchasing Samsung products or Android-based phones. They're both a pile of pants!"

The official response to the complaint to Samsung currently states, "I am sorry that you feel the release of the Android platform 4.0 has not been quick enough. All we can advise is that it has been released and when available for your handset you will be prompted for the update when you connect to Kies over the coming weeks."

Samsung has also delayed the release of Ice Cream Sandwich to the Galaxy Note. It is now scheduled for Q2 of this year, but bearing in mind that Q2 starts in April, the update for both the Note and S2 may happen at the same time after all.