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Instagram For Android Launches Pre-Release Sign-Up Page

Android users with a penchant for taking vintage-looking photos have long envied those with iOS devices, but now it looks as though the highly-popular Instagram will now be available for Android lovers - thanks to a sign-up page giving them the chance to register their interest in order to be "first in line" for the photo-sharing app.

Whilst it's not yet clear what this means for Android addicts, many are already speculating it to be a beta release of the Instagram Android app to feature ahead of its official release on Google Play.

The success experienced by Instagram has taken the app world by storm, celebrating a milestone of 27 million users in the space of just under two years; but to date the pleasures of retro photography were limited to iOS users.

"Upon registering, Instagram says it will be in touch ‘soon'. Just how soon remains to be seen but at least there's a UI!," reported The Next Web.

Just last week the company announced its partnership with Hipstamatic, whereby photos taken by the digital photography app can be sent to Instagram and shared across a number of social networks. This venture will surely boost Instagram's presence, and place the site high up with the rest of the social networking services.

Source: Venture Beat

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