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iPhone 5 Features Nano Sim Technology?

The rumour mill that started to spin frantically around the upcoming sixth generation iPhone threw in our direction a fresh new piece of information: Apple could be integrating within the iPhone 5 the first nano-SIM.

According to some reports, Apple teams are working to push the nano-SIM technology as a new standard of the industry.

Reportedly, Apple is planning to make the micro SIM card featured in the latest iPhone and iPad even smaller.

The nano-SIM card will allow Apple to develop smaller, slimmer devices and will give it more room for other vital components.

A nano-SIM, which is expected to be about a third smaller than the actual micro SIM, would require a special drawer to hold and protect the card.

As the cutthroat smartphone market is moving at fast speeds within the innovation field, other competitors like Nokia, Motorola and Research In Motion are also looking to develop smaller SIM cards as well as push the standards.

However, the Finnish smartphone manufacturer expressed its discontent for Apple's plans pointing out that Apple used dubious persuasion methods to get European carriers to agree to the new technology.

Source: EasternMorningHerald

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