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LTE iPhone 5 To Come With A Smaller Dock Connector?

After the new iPad was introduced to the market it seems that Apple fans are eager to hear more inside rumours about the next iPhone.

According to the hottest new information flying around the tech websites, the sixth generation iPhone will be unveiled this autumn, and we can expect the arrival of a 4G LTE iPhone.

Also, rumours say that the iPhone 5 will come with a smaller dock connector. Despite previous buzz on this matter, the iPhone 5 is expected to sport the same display size of 3.5 inches but with other significant enhancements.

The most anticipated improvement - initially expected for the iPhone 4S but unfortunately not making the deadline for its release - is the support for 4G LTE. For many, an iPhone 5 with LTE is a sure bet; after Apple introduced its first 4G device, the new iPad. But the surprise of the new rumours is related to a smaller dock connector.

Apple has a 30-pin dock connector for its iPhone, iPad and iPod lineup and replacing it would create additional problems. However, the upside is that the new dock connector helps Apple teams save space and utilize it for other essential components.

Source: CNET

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