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The New iPad’s Charging Status Isn’t Accurate

Dr. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate Technologies discovered that the new iPad is not exactly honest with its owners. The device displays the full battery status and it keeps recharging for a couple of hours.

PC Mag reported the issue, after receiving an email from Dr. Soneira. The analysts explain that all the smartphones and tablets tend to lie about their charging status and the devices display inaccurate notifications on this matter.

Since we can't suspect our devices of malevolence, the explanation relies in the algorithms behind the process. The battery charging and display don't have proper communication protocols.

"The charge indicator on all mobile devices is based on a mathematical model of the charge rates, discharge rates, and recent discharge history of the battery. It uses this information to estimate how much running time is left," details Dr. Raymond Soneira.

He concludes that there are some issues with the mathematical model of iPad's battery charging. Apple's new iPad takes about seven hours before fully recharging, compared to the previous model that only needed four hours.

source: PC Mag

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