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Noon News: Intel Atom for Servers Coming in June?, Instagram for Android, Sony Vaio Chromebook

Is Intel going to launch an Atom processor aimed at the server market? Well according to one source within the component community, it might well be the case with June being pegged as the month where "[a] more specific report of it should be out". Atom processors have initially been targetting the netbook market when that form factor was all rage a few years ago. It was then widely adopted for the consumer electronics market (to power the Boxee Box and Google TV for example), while its Medfield iteration is now powering smartphones.

Android users with a penchant for taking vintage-looking photos have long envied those with iOS devices, but now it looks as though the highly-popular Instagram will now be available for Android lovers - thanks to a sign-up page giving them the chance to register their interest in order to be "first in line" for the photo-sharing app.

Sony will almost certainly become the third major manufacturer after Samsung and Acer to launch a Chromebook after the VAIO VCC111 was discovered in the FCC database, one of the last steps before the product goes on sale in the US. A user guide explains how the boot up procedure for the OS occurs and there's even a picture showing a keyboard that looks like a Chrome OS one, without the Window button and with some Chrome OS specific keys.

In the near(ish) future, could we see an iPhone made entirely of glass? It's certainly a possibility given an Apple patent which has come to light. The Cupertino company has just filed a patent application for a handheld device which uses a case made entirely from glass, Mashable reports. The device could potentially be fashioned from two pieces of glass bonded together, or from a hollow glass tube.

The price of the Motorola XOOM tablet is quickly approaching £250 as PC World has issued a voucher code "TAB5" that cuts £14 off the current price of the tablet to £266, a saving of £214 over its original selling price. Released in January 2011, the Motorola XOOM was the first tablet to come with Android 3.0 Honeycomb and a dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 system on chip (the one powering the XOOM is clocked at 1GHz).