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Sean Parker’s Social Video Startup Airtime Is Recruiting For Launch

At SXSW, co-founders of Napster Sean Parker (as played by Justin Timberlake in the Social Network film) and Shawn Fanning mentioned their new project again.

It's a social video outfit called Airtime, and news first cropped up regarding the service last autumn.

It now has a website bearing an early access Facebook button, and Techcrunch notes that the startup is preparing for launch with a recruitment drive. Positions advertised include Software Engineer, Web UI Engineer, Test Engineer and Operations Engineer.

There's precious little concrete information on the service at this stage, however. The website notes that: "Airtime is a live social video company founded by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning", and that "our small team shares a passion for using the latest video technology to bring people together."

Previous buzz last October indicated that Airtime was designed along the lines of Chatroulette as a random video service, but engineered to be viral, and with a social network element attached.

Techcrunch notes that the main website image depicts a percentage rating system which hints that the service will allow users to vote on the quality of videos, bringing the better, most popular content to the surface.

With backing to the tune of $8 million thus far, this is definitely a service we'll be keeping a close eye on.