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Tougher Conditions For Chinese iPad Smugglers

For the Chinese Apple fans, the new iPad release is a tormenting event, as they still have no opportunity to get the device without breaking the law.

Chinese smugglers staying in line to be among one of the first to get the new iPad in order to sell it on the black market for up to double the price, now have to face tougher custom regulation.

One Apple employee commented on the situation pointing out that the demand for Apple products on the largest market in the world is so big, that the smugglers make impressive profits delivering the iDevices as soon as they become available.

"You can pretty much determine when the first iPad arrives in China by monitoring the first flight out from the US on launch day," said the anonymous Apple representative.

Moreover, the shipping companies received notifications from the Chinese authorities to refuse iPad shipments. Travellers also have to declare their iPads at the borders and have to pay import fees on electronics.

For the cheapest new iPad in the US, the device comes with the price tag of $499 - but for a Chinese Apple fan who buys the device from the black market, the customer has to pay approximately more than $1,000.

Source: TimesOfIndia

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