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UK Hackers Create Recruitment Site For...UK Hackers?

With hacking becoming one of the world's most popular activities, a pair of tech experts have taken this legally questionable pastime and transformed it into a legitimate and useful service. Welcome to Hackers Jobs UK - the new resource for specialist technology jobs.

The mastermind of developer and Hacker News London attendee Jon Gilbraith plus former tech recruitment consultant turned web project manager Steve Buckley, the site was created because: "There is a sincere lack of high quality job boards available for the tech community in the UK. There are plenty of options for job seekers out there but they are either saturated by recruiters or the jobs are incredibly generic and middle of the road."

Targeting those with a skillset apt for developers of iOS and Android, web, C++ and Qt plus UX designers, the destinations for these potential jobs include Edinburg, Huddersfield and London.

Whilst the founders were initially wary of working alongside employment agencies, their guards soon dropped once they recognised that many job companies identified with their audience. Buckley says: "There are a tiny percentage of Tech Recruiters who actually know what Developers want and it would be counter-productive to prevent these guys from posting real jobs."

With the economic downturn forcing many an employee out of their job, numerous attempts have been made to try and improve the recruitment situation - yet due to a huge number of people possessing specialist skills, it's been somewhat difficult placing them in their appropriate roles. Let's hope that Hackers Jobs UK can put these people back where they belong, and put hacking to good use by placing candidates in a legal and appropriate environment.

Source: The Next Web

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