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US Army Marketplace Readying For iOS, Android Soon To Follow

The US military has announced the launch of a prototype Army Marketplace, where soldiers will be able to download applications related to their field of work. The software will also arrive with 12 apps available for most iOS running devices and rumours suggest that an Android friendly version will soon follow.

The US Army Software Marketplace, as officials call it, was built to give soldiers easy access to training manuals and other guides in the form of downloadable applications that can be enjoyed anywhere.

Lt. Gen. Susan Lawrence, the chief information officer at G6, described the prototype as a "first step in establishing and exercising new submission and approval processes that will eventually enable Army members, organizations and third-party developers to release applications for Army-wide distribution." Its purpose is to "radically reduce the time to deliver applications across the force".

Launched alongside this prototype were 12 programmes developed by Army's Connecting Soldiers to Digital Apps (CSDA) department. Amongst them users can find the Soldiers Blue Book, Army Values, Army Social Media Handbook and Developing a Performance Work Statement. The CSDA community is continuing to submit applications as we speak.

Programmes found on the Army Marketplace can be installed on all iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch versions, while Android handsets will be supported in the near future. Fortunately, the service is also available for non-military users and can be previewed here for those that have an iOS device.