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£142.99 LG HB44S 2.1 Channel Blu-ray & DVD Cinema System with LG Netcast

The HB44S from LG is a 2.1 channel Blu-ray & DVD cinema system that will take up center stage in your home entertainment setup and that too without going hard on your pockets.

The Blu-Ray player is the main element of this impressive package and is capable of providing crystal clear, life-like images at a resolution twice that of any standard DVDs. The player not only plays Blu-ray movies, but also plays standard DVDs.

If you have a television that is capable of delivering visuals at 1080p resolution, the Blu-ray player is just what you need to complete the puzzle. Using both of these devices in sync, you will be able to take your home-viewing set up to an entirely new level. The Blu-ray player is also capable of upscaling your old DVD collection to near HD quality.

The HB44S is compatible with both MKV and Blu-ray discs. With 2.1 channel speakers, and its high-end Dolby Digital Decoder, visuals would be perfectly complemented. With a total RMS output of 400W, the 3 speakers provide you with powerful audio that goes well with all your entertainment needs - be it movies, music, gaming or anything else.

The LG HB44S 2.1 Channel Blu-ray & DVD Cinema System with LG Netcast is available from eBay for £142.99.