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AM News: BlackBerry 10 Jam Event, Loophole Makes iOS 5.1 Downgrade Possible on iPad 2, 10M Angry Birds Space Downloads

Research In Motion will greet the developers present at the "BlackBerry 10 Jam" event taking place between May 1st and 3rd with a nice little treat - the prototype of the new BlackBerry 10 smartphone. The device, available as a "limited edition developer prototype device" has been announced under the codename of "BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha."

The frenzy for Apple devices has reached the British Parliament, creating enough fuss to cause a minor dispute. After 70 MPs received iPads with the taxpayers having to pay between £400 and £650 for each device, a committee now has to decide if all 650 MPs should get a free iPad.

Despite Apple's policies, one intrepid iOS hacker found out a way allowing users to downgrade devices from the latest iOS versions to a previous one. iH8sn0w, also known as Steven, revealed on his Twitter account his great discovery. He explained that he "found a loophole in Apple's apticket system."

Egypt is preparing to ban internet pornography, with the first steps towards a blockade now being taken. According to a report in the Egypt Independent, the concept of pornography censorship was recently discussed in parliament, and has now progressed to the National Telecommunications Regulation Authority.

Angry Birds Space was unleashed on the gaming public just last Thursday, yet already it has gathered massive momentum in terms of downloads. Rovio tweeted a simple message informing all and sundry of the magic download number achieved over the end of last week: "Angry Birds Space: 10 million downloads in 3 days!"