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Android Set To Overtake Symbian In China

Android is poised to become the number one smartphone OS in China.

That's the latest from the statistics buffs at StatCounter, who keep track of the top Chinese operating systems - and the past year to February 2012 has proved quite revealing.

Symbian has plunged dramatically, from a 56 per cent share of the market in February 2011, to a 35 per cent share last month. But then, Symbian has been plunging massively on a global basis, and that's hardly a surprise as Nokia's now-smouldering platform floats off sadly into the distance, replaced by Windows Phone.

In China, Symbian did actually have a small resurgence over Christmas; but perhaps that was just folks buying gifts for people they hate... "I know what I'll get him: Three pairs of grey socks, a reindeer jumper, and a Symbian smartphone."

Android is the one to watch, climbing from just a 4 per cent share in 2011 to a 26 per cent hold on the market last month. That's a huge gain, and it puts Android in second place, just narrowly ahead of "unknown OS". That's StatCounter speak for a miscellany of feature phones and smartphones running a variety of operating systems.

The iPhone has spent the year flat-lining on 12 per cent, with Samsung the only other OS to record a significant figure, although not that significant at 2 per cent.

Given the speed of Android's rise and Symbian's fall, it'll probably only be another three or four months before Google's OS is officially the number one mobile platform in China. We're sure the government will love that...

Source: The Next Web