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Apple’s Nano-SIM Prototype Revealed

The latest buzz that's firing up tech inclined websites is related to the new nano-SIM standard that Apple intends to introduce to the industry.

The new standard is codenamed "fourth form factor (4FF) UICC" and it has the benefit to offer more room for other vital components or for developing slimmer devices. Just a few days before the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is going to decide over the matter, Apple's proposal surfaced over the Internet.

According to a recent report published on The Verge, Apple has the most conventional nano SIM proposal among the three companies competing for ETSI's approval, Apple, Nokia and RIM.

The teams in Cupertino have developed a 12.3 x 8.8 mm card, which is somewhat similarly constructed to micro-SIM but without all the plastic.

Conversely, Oberthur Technologies revealed prototypes of Apple's nano-SIM which seems about four times smaller than the 2FF SIM standard.

Apple decided to maintain the same card configuration, which would allow users to insert the nano-SIM in any device, with the proper adapter. The nano-SIM technology seems to be vital in order to make the upcoming iPhones slimmer.

Source: TheVerge

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