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Chrome 'Extensions' Planted To Hijack Facebook Profiles

It's come to the attention of the Internet that cybercriminals are pushing malicious Google Chrome extensions as part of an elaborate scheme to hijack Facebook accounts.

Hosted in the official Chrome web store, hackers are hoping that by planting them in an official source, they will be passed off as legitimate and increase the possibility of more users taking advantage of the malware. The adverts on Facebook boast claims such as "Change the color of your profile" or "Discover who visited your profile" or "Learn how to remove the virus from your Facebook profile," but the truth is far more damaging than this.

By simply installing one of these extensions, hijackers now have total control over the Facebook profile. From there they can spam your contacts list suggesting that they too install such software, and automatically 'like' specific Facebook pages as part of a pay-per-Like campaign.

"We reported this malicious extension to Google and they removed it quickly," explained Kaspersky Lab Expert Fabio Assolini in a statement. "But we noted the bad guys behind this malicious scheme are uploading new extensions regularly, in a cat and mouse game."

As the scams are written in Portuguese, the malware has mainly affected Portugese users of Chrome and Facebook. However, there's nothing to prevent it from being translated into other languages, a matter both Facebook and Google remain on guard for.

"Be careful when using Facebook," Assolini warned. "And think twice before installing a Google Chrome extension."

Source: ZDNet

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