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Facebook's Roof Gets 42-Foot Wide QR Code

Mark Zuckerberg wanted his employees to christen the new headquarters of Facebook, 1 Hacker Way, with a "Space Hackathon". Whilst the founder may have been thinking along the lines of posters and murals, what he got was a 42 foot QR code on the roof.

To see the code firsthand you'll need a Facebook security badge, a plane or a spaceship, with the QR code linking to the new FB QR Code page on Facebook which anyone can view.

The man behind the gigantic code is Facebook employee, Mark Pike. “It started with a comment on Zuck’s post. I wrote, “Hack yeah! I’d like to paint a gigantic QR code somewhere so we can RickRoll online maps, or point people to our careers site, or send them to a ‘Clarissa Explains it All’ GeoCities Page,” explains Pike.

The project started at 8pm with six people, which grew to 30 by midnight. To check if the code works, once morning dawned, another employee hacked the firmware on a Canon camera and created a 'frankencopter', then flew it over the roof.

What started as a project in a dorm room has now become one of the most powerful companies in the world today. With a 42-foot wide QR code on its roof.