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Gannett Buys 1,000 iPhones For Journalists

The Gannett organisation, considered to be a leader in mobile journalism, bought over 1,000 iPhone 4S smartphones for print and broadcast journalists as day-to-day tools. Apple devices are perceived as the perfect tools to give journalists that much-needed flexibility.

Gannett's Director of Digital Content, MacKenzie Warren, pointed out that "reporters and photographers need to collect and record things, do some rudimentary editing and transmit that content. This one device can accomplish some or all of those critical steps."

Gannett made public their intention to acquire iPhones and iPads in December 2011.

To help them with these tasks, the journalists can access utilities found in iTunes. In addition to Apple's built-in Camera app they can also use video editing apps such as iMovie and Splice.

In order to transmit video, regardless of whether it is raw or edited footage, the journalists are equipped with the Brightcove Mobile Upload app and for video live transmission they can use the QIK app.

And, as company officials point out, this is only a slight fraction of the creative tools available for journalists using Apple devices at work on a daily basis. The iPads also found their way into TV stations and were instantly embraced by the broadcasting journalists.

The direct consequence of replacing paper scripts with Apple's tablet was, of course, important savings.

Source: TvNewsCheck (opens in new tab)

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