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Google Voice to Speed Past Sprint?

A year ago, Google Voice integrated with Sprint in the first and only partnership of its kind. However, Google has been looking to extend this privilege to other carriers.

The service allows users to access visual voicemail which you can read on the phone or online, including personalised greetings and cheaper international calls, as well as other features. Whilst anyone can port their phone number to a Google Voice account, if you're a Sprint customer, you don't have to pay the $20 charge - it's easier to set up online and enables you to unlink the phone should you already own an account.

"We are having discussions with other carriers about this," admitted Vincent Paquet, Group Product Manager for Google Voice. He did not, however, name specific carriers. He went on to say: "Sprint integration has worked really well. We have, since Day One, had a steady stream of people signing up for it".

At the time, Sprint's Vice President of Platforms and Devices, Kevin McGinnis, marked the occasion by saying: "This is a extremely important event for Sprint."

Whilst Google hasn't announced another carrier it will be cooperating with, it has made it clear that another such partnership isn't out of the question.