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Google’s Spend On Offline Advertising Quadruples to $200 Million

Google is, naturally, all about online advertising, but the company isn't neglecting its own ad campaigns in traditional mediums.

In fact, the search giant's advertising spend when it comes to magazine, newspaper and TV adverts has very nearly increased by a factor of four, from $56 million in 2010, to $213 million last year. That's according to Kantar Media's estimations.

That level of spending brings it on par with Apple and Microsoft, in terms of outlay as a percentage of total revenue.

What's Google promoting, exactly? Google+, of course. The search giant is clearly intent on pushing the social media side of the company hard, and last month analysts claimed Google+ had reached the 100 million user mark. How many of those users are active is the real question, however; and Facebook is of course now closing on a billion.

David Cohen, chief media officer at Universal McCann, observed: "This is a sign of good old- fashioned competition. While Google has a dominant footprint in search, they have work to do in other areas to gain market share."

Google has also been concerned with hyping up its Chrome browser, which is undeniably making great strides. One analyst firm, StatCounter, has already pegged Chrome as more popular than Firefox, second only to Internet Explorer.

Source: Wall Street Journal