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Irish ISP wants others to disconnect pirates

Irish ISP Eircom has done an about-face, going from being opposed to anti-piracy three strike measures a few years ago, to today asking other ISPs to stand with it and disconnect those that repeatedly download copyright infringing material.

In 2008 Eircom had the unfortunate position of being targeted by Warner, EMI, Sony and Universal as all of the big media conglomerates demanded the ISP implement measures to curb piracy. It fought - for a little whilte - ending up in court. In the end both parties settled for a gradual system of disconnection, beginning with throttling, though the eventual outcome was the same.

Other Irish ISPs were expected to follow suit, but when their cases ended up in court, they won. This has left Eircom in a position where its customers likely feel persecuted by it - driving them to other providers. To attempt to counter this trickle before it becomes a flood, Eircom now thinks it would be good if other ISPs did a deal with media companies too.

"We think that it would be better for everyone if the industry and the rights-holders found a way to tackle this problem. It's not going to go away. The current situation is not ideal but we could create something that moved the issue forward if we worked together," said consumer managing director at Eircom, Stephen Beynon.

As Torrentfreak points out, the embarrassing part of this story is that since Eircom implemented disconnect measures, EU courts have made it quite clear that anti-piracy filters are illegal. If Eircom hadn't rolled over in the first place, things would have been far different for the firm.

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