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Many Siri Functions Are Not Used By iPhone 4S Owners

According to a recent report published in the Wall Street Journal, 87 per cent of people who own Apple's latest iPhone rely on Siri for answers at least once a month.

Parks Associates polled 482 iPhone 4S owners to find out exactly how popular Siri is. The results revealed that the users only tap into a limited set of functions that the digital assistant is offering.

The voice recognition technology behind Siri's capabilities allows it to perform a wide variety of functions, including setting up alarms and meetings, reading aloud mails and sending replies, performing business searches and much more.

However, according to the survey, iPhone 4S owners prefer to send messages and place phone calls and the majority of them don't ask Siri for much else.

Thirty-two per cent of the users have never asked Siri to schedule meetings whilst 35 per cent have never asked the digital assistant to search in the music library for a particular song or playlist. When it comes to emails, the iPhone 4S owners have split opinions about this function.

Whilst 30 per cent of the polled users admitted that they had never used Siri to send emails, 26 per cent of them said they rely on Siri daily for this function.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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