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Microsoft Apologises Over Android “Smoking” Windows Phone Fracas

Microsoft has quickly moved to quell a piece of bad PR, after a challenge to "smoke" Windows Phone went awry.

Not to smoke a phone as in stick it in your mouth and light one end, we should clarify, but rather the challenge was to anyone with an other brand smartphone to beat a Windows Phone handset in a test of speed with basic tasks.

For example, to send a text as quickly as possible, or to look up the weather. While Microsoft was offering $100 to anyone who could best their devices, in one store, that was upped to a $1000 laptop.

Enter stage left Sahas Katta, who proceeded to take up the gauntlet and beat Microsoft hands down. As the Register reports, he admits that a piece of rather good fortune helped him. His challenge was to pull up two weather reports for two different cities, and he happened to have the specific widgets pre-loaded on his Android phone.

The shop staff, however, refused to accept his victory was a genuine one - and he left the store empty handed. But the Internet - and multiple news coverage - came to his rescue, and triggered quite a storm over his treatment.

That led to a quick reversal of course and an apology from Microsoft, and indeed the nimble fingered Android user was awarded his free Hunger Games Special Edition HP Folio 13 laptop, and also a Nokia Lumia 800 bundle into the bargain.

Katta has put the devices up for auction, however, and will donate the proceeds to charity, sterling chap that he is. All's well that ends well, as they say.